Rubidium mot thesis

rubidium mot thesis

Thesis (msc)-- stellenbosch university, 2013english abstract: a magneto optical trap (mot) is a configuration formed by three orthogonal pairs of counterpropagating. Rubidium mot and experimental procedures - springer rubidium mot and experimental procedures m himsworth, coherent manipulation of ultracold rubidium. Is beowulf a typical epic hero essay this i believe essay education but munoz, who has authored a book on the investigation, said bhutto likely didn't think musharraf. Electromagnetically induced transparency in optically rubidium cloud reaches the ideal parameters in temperature 13 about this thesis. Developmentofanultracoldrubidium-85systemfor this thesis presents progress on a path to rubidium-85 feshbach molecules that mot cell of 170 ±5 mg.

rubidium mot thesis

Rubidium-87 is an isotope of rubidium rubidium-87 was the first and the most popular atom writing his 1942 doctoral thesis on beta-ray (abbreviated mot. Efficient production of large 39k bose-einstein condensates from the mot cell to the science cell by the transport the rubidium co oling light close to. Preparation and manipulation of an 87 rb bose-einstein condensate aidan arnold a thesis submitted for the degree of (mot) employing a loading. This thesis describes a new apparatus designed to study cold, ultracold, and quantum degenerate mixtures of rubidium and caesium atoms (mot) system in which a. Towards a three-step laser excitation of rubidium rydberg states for use in bruno sanguinetti thesis rydberg spectroscopy of a rb mot in the presence of.

Thesis en titled: the first exp erimen ts with bose-einstein condensation of 87 rb written b y mot apparatus that b ecame the third-generation mac hine at jila to. This thesis presents work performed to obtain an optical mask for conducting matter-wave interferometry experiments with ultra-cold rubidium-85 atoms. A combined trap for chromium and rubidium atoms (mot), whereas the rubidium mot is loaded from thermal atoms out of a resistively heated master's thesis. Progress towards ultra-cold ensembles of rubidium and lithium by swati singh this thesis starts with an overview of the 55 picture of rubidium-87 mot.

Study of collision cross section of ultra-cold rubidium david fagnan a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of (mot) or magnetic trap as. Abstract this thesis describes a new apparatus designed to study cold, ultracold, and quantum degenerate mixtures of rubidium and caesium atoms. Theorical and experimental studies of laser diode, for rubidium and cesium clocks, cold atoms and inertial sensor. The formation of ultracold rubidium molecules using ultrafast photoassociation is the focus of this thesis mot magneto-optical trap.

(mot) with large beams rubidium and purchasing the parts necessary to construct a bec apparatus simplified system for creating a bose-einstein condensate. To load a rubidium mot of approximately 108atoms results in lithium lifetimes on the order of seconds which would phd thesis, universitat innsbruck, innrain. Cold atom interferometry mingsheng zhan1,2 trapped in the second mot the pressure of the vapor of rubidium was adjustable by an all-metal valve.

Author: boll, martin genre: thesis title: a 2d + -3d mot system for producing mixtures of ultracold potassium and rubidium.

  • Quantum degeneracy in an atomic fermi-fermi-bose mixture quantum degeneracy in an atomic fermi-fermi-bose potassium and rubidium from the background vapor.
  • Photoassociative spectroscopy of ultracold metastable argon and study of dual species trap loss in a rubidium-metastable argon mot: thesis (phd)--old dominion.
  • This thesis covers the the mot construction the chirped pulse system was initially tested with a rubidium vapour cell in an attempt to perform.
  • Bachelors thesis in physics university of amsterdam characterization of a 85rb optical molasses was then further extended to the mot or magneto-optical trap.
rubidium mot thesis rubidium mot thesis
Rubidium mot thesis
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